Show me again just this:
The moment of that kiss
Away from the prancing folk, by the strawberry-tree! -
Yea, to such rashness, ratheness, rareness, ripeness, richness,
Love lures life on.

-Thomas Hardy

oh, shit. i have my period and i’m still in bed and it’s 3pm and i’ve eaten everything in the world aka my house because i’m pretending that the rest of the world doesn’t exist today so my house really is my world right now. i’m probably missing out on so many good things. fuck.

my housemate is having the longest shower. it’s been 36 minutes so far and i feel like i’m about to have a panic attack because i don’t know how someone can readily waste that water and i can’t afford our hot water bill. fucking hell. i need to live by myself or with a cute girl.

hello, i’m hormonal. all my other housemates are asleep and i just keep creeping back to the kitchen for milk/chocolate alternately. i’m going to start blogging again heaps. i’ve just been on a life-changing trip through south east asia and have come back to life without many close friends. as there’s only so many times you can call your mum in a day, i still need to ‘talk’ to someone. so i will re-establish this blog as my official whinge site. i’ll keep you posted.

he’s not you.


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having a moment where i think i should believe in god or somethingsomething. 

oh my lovely little housematey. you would have hated it yesterday. i know we would have stolen the pizza and beer and eaten it awkwardly in the corner if you were there. i can’t believe we’re not going to have kitchen dates and drink tea at 3 am again. or whinge about having to put on pants to go to the shop to buy food. or sing backstreet boys and tracy chapman again.


made delicious brunch for my now exhousemate and i
this was our last meal together as housies 


keep going keep going don’t stop